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  • eMyway Sat Nav Maps Upgrade

    Just bought the European 2015 maps for the DS5 from eBay. Thought that I would give it a try as Citroen want £129 whereas I bought it for £42.50. Loaded it into the car today and it worked a treat, I now have latest maps, full 7 digit postcode search and speed cameras. You do have to have at least 2.85 version software on the emyway but they also include the software upgrade CD if needed.

    It works in any car with emyway so it's also for the DS3 and DS4 too.

    The link for eBay http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Latest-2015-...640?nav=SEARCH

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    My Ultra Prestige supposedly had the up to date maps till I looked at the Sd card which said 2012. I looked on Citroen site and thought it was a bit steep in price so looked eBay. I got new maps with camera alerts Inc for myway £29. Works great and will try the system updates to try and get full UK post codes when I have time

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