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    Hi All , bought a 2011 ds3 yesterday , had a service light on (thought it was due to not being turned off after the last service) , only to find out its a fault indicator , the car is a 1.6 e-hdi 90, i beleive it has stop/start fitted as it has the eco button (stop/start not working screen says deactivated), i tried the service light reset to no avail it stays on , so i have had the codes read and it comes up with the following 1A9CH/6812, D332H/54066, D333H/54067 Any ideas please all i can get on the code reader is refer to oem repair
    thanks in advance

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    Is the Engine Management Light on as well as the Service light? The only things I could find for those codes all referred to Stop/Start, but I couldn't find any actual faults or solutions listed anywhere.
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      Hi arlow , it doesnt have the engine management light on with the service light , i have since replaced the battery as it wasnt an AGM type , but the service light is still on , these are the codes i had , will get it read again and see what comes up now


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        Struggling to find those codes especially the D ones. Unless it's a Lexia code reader the code details can be way off.
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