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  • Locking wheel nuts

    Newbie here. I've just bought a DS3 but the previous owner has lost the locking wheel nut key. He thinks they are the original factory fit locking wheel nuts. Does anyone know which brand were factory fitted. I'll try to get a picture up asap once I figure out the settings and tools. Lol...it's hard to see what I am typing here because the default font colour is hard to see against the default landscape backdrop.

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    Welcome to the club. Unfortunately there are quite a few different combinations of the locking wheel nut. A garage can weld a hexagonal bar on the nut and get it off. You would need to buy a new set if you want them but there are way cheaper ones than the ones from Citroen. As for reading the post if you go to bottom left of page it should give you two uptions for page colour. We tried to incorporate both but program wouldn't let us. Don't forget to look at our Facebook page and also Facebook group too.
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      Welcome to the club
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