Really fancy one of these- any issues?

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  • Really fancy one of these- any issues?

    Pedal to the metal

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    Happy 2021 everyone- where does all the time go...................

    Always wanted one of these- anyone know if it suffers badly from broken pistons, timing chain issues, and how bad does the carbonisation issues get?

    Love the Matt Black and Gold look

    Maybe I am a glutton for punishment as it would be my 4th DS3- Or should I save for another 2 years, and get the Yaris GR (With circuit pack) which is all the rage ATM?- I will have one eventually but havent got £35k to hand atm

    Hope everyone I know on here is well- John (Arlow) Martin and Mike
    Pedal to the metal


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      No problems so far. John first one went back after a week never to be seen again and he got given another. Seems maybe a software problem in the beginning.
      Drive the Car not a Keyboard


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        Hi. Chris.

        How's it going?

        Mine will be 4 years old in March, and I've had no issues with it, although not done many miles this past year as I walk to work and haven't been able to visit family or meet up with friends.

        As Martin said the original car went back the same day I picked it up ( 1st Sept 2016 ) as it threw up an engine management fault after 50 miles, they couldn't fix it even with help from Citroen technical in France and after about a month they were given the go ahead to replace it, which didn't arrive until 1st March 2017, during that time I had a DS4 Crossback which had been the sales managers car as a courtesy car.
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