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    Just a quick intro from me. I have been a fan of PSA vehicles for a while and have a mixture of them. Most started with the P word and I am a mod on one of the popular forums.

    I was a mechanic for a few years and know my way around most mechanical and electrical systems. Main car is currently a remapd 163 HDI DS5

    Joined up as I have just picked up a 2010 DS3 1.6 e-HDI DSport for a good price as a project car. The car has stood for 10 months and had a bad missfire and chuffing injectors. Found a broken injector fork and two copper washers on one injector so someone has had a play..

    Swopped out injector, new clamp and its running with a low rev diesel knock, passed MOT with smoke reading of zero but still issues with fuelling

    So thought I would sign up and see if any similar issues or advise from other members

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    Welcome to the club. Don't forget we also have a Facebook group where you may get answers quicker just in case nobody is quick. When joining the private group remember to answer the questions. Citroen DS3 GB Owners Club
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      Welcome to the club, hopefully this year we'll be able to do some meets and drive outs, been far too long.
      DS3 Racing, also available in White