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    We just passed our 9th birthday. Not bad for a club that folk said wouldn't last 3 months. We have never charged any membership and we've financed the club out of our own pockets.
    Did we make a difference? Yes. We are still, after 9 years, the smallest most successful DS3 show club after winning Best Club at TRAX, Waxstock and French Car Show plus a couple of others in that time. In our first year we went to 27 shows to get DS3"S noticed.
    We've travelled abroad to bring you pictures from DS events in Europe. Ranging from Paris and Geneva Car Shows to World RallyX in Italy, DS3 Cup in Denmark. Sport in the UK with RallyX, Formula E and WRC. If there was a DS3 or DS involved we were there.
    We've had cars on display working with DSUK at Goodwood Festival of Speed and National Dealers Conference where we later drove our cars on the F1 circuit at Silverstone.
    Shows and driving our cars has always been the main thing. Welcoming members and the public onto stand. Supplied food and drink each time through rain or shine.
    It was tough keeping the club going through Covid but we managed it. Members have moved onto other makes of car but still keep in touch.
    I still love the cars and my 7th is my cabrio which is used every day. But I'm 60 and the expectations of the few who want to know why you haven't answered their message after an hour takes its toll. Keeping track of spam etc nowadays means I'm on my phone most of the day.
    Therefore I have spoken to some of our founder members and we have taken the decision to stop the website when it runs out in November and with that effectively the Club will cease to be what ii was. The FB page and group will stay but without us taking a fully active part.
    We'd like to thank the thousands from around the World who have made us one of the friendliest clubs around. Enjoy your DS. Its still awesome!!!
    Drive the Car not a Keyboard

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    Hi Martin. Thats a shame. What a heritage this Club has though, with you driving it forward
    I remember the old days- splitting from co.uk and visiting loadsa car shows
    Yes- spammers are a problem, as they are on the other clubsite
    Still- was a good run. Still loadsa DS3s around, and I still have one
    £0 Tax is fab

    I dont do facebook much: Never understood it: dont like it.

    Good luck to you Martin, and John M (Arlow) has he still a DS3?

    Maybe we should do one more show......................... as a finale :-))))))
    Pedal to the metal