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    Hi Folks
    As you know earlier in the year we were considering shutting down the website part of the club. We had a change of heart and were going to let it run till Xmas and see what happens.
    Well we have had another change of heart and instead of closing it down we are heading for a major revamp which will still include a forum section in it. It will take our designer a fair bit of time to transfer over as many posts and threads as possible as we don't really want to lose anything we have done. So bear with us and this site till we can replace it and publish the new one.
    Don't forget to get out and about in your DS while your waiting. Post a few pics too.
    Drive the Car not a Keyboard

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    Wow. That sounds good.
    Pedal to the metal


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      The promised major revamp isn't happening in its original form unfortunately. However we are still working on a different solution. You may find that the website will be down for a few days while part of the solution is sorted. Don't despair we will reappear very shortly afterwards.
      Drive the Car not a Keyboard


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        Still working on this folks. Taking a lot longer than expected to get close to what we wanted as the main program won't allow it. Needs to be in place very soon.
        Drive the Car not a Keyboard


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          Hi can anyone tell where the ABS pump is located. Do I need to put my ds3 on a ramp anyone thanks

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