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Club Forums not as popular anymore...

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  • Club Forums not as popular anymore...

    Between 2010 to 2015 these DS3 Club forums were really popular

    Other than Face book which I wont go near (Seems to take over users lives) what other social media sites have taken over- what am I missing?

    Long gone are the days of this Club mixing it and challenging the "other" club!

    Even the "Other" club- which appears to have gone off air atm- only attracts a handful of people nowadays, with the owners/admin/organisers very rarely, if ever, getting on the forum anymore

    Where does all the interest arise now and has the day of (DS3 at least) car clubs gone

    I am also on a Clio site which is still pretty lively with several hundred posts a day, same as the VWR club i used to visit a lot

    Why all the interest from DS3 clubs gone? Loadsa DS3s about still, and nice and cheap now too.

    And all the old members- suppose they have moved to other vehicles

    Those old days were fun, and Club meets too. Ah well.... things move on
    Pedal to the metal