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Parking sensor fault and mtel knocking noise

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  • Parking sensor fault and mtel knocking noise

    Hi I bought a 63 plate 1.6 sport a few days ago. The car seemed great only 34k miles on it and full service history. Car appeared fine, no issues driving it until yesterday. I went over a speed bump for the first time and heard a metal knocking sound coming from underneath at a guess. It did it over each speed bump at slow speed. Back on normal roads and at average speed didn't hear it once. I thought it might be the spare wheel and jack etc as they are loose but took them out and still did it. Is there any common issues that could cause this?
    Second issues was after reversing for the first time, the sensor went off saying something behind me yet wasn't. It did this twice before service light came on stating parking sensor fault. I've cleaned the sensors and listened to each sensor but none making any noise which made me think the module but I can't find it. Is there any common issues with this as well? The car is under warranty but I'd rather avoid the long drive back to the dealer and have to sit around whilst the mechanic sorts it if I can sort it myself. Thanks

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    Take it back under warranty,- however, metal knocking could be front suspension or exhaust- maybe just a heat shield loose which is common

    Sensors:find the faulty one and change it
    AND maybe get a fault code reader and plug into OBD ports under the glovebox and check if you have any fault codes

    Pedal to the metal


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      Thanks, I'll have a look at the heat shield and exhaust when it stops throwing it down.

      I've tried the elimination process with the sensors, none appear to be working. I've also plugged my code reader in and nothing coming up.