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  • Bit of a problem

    Hello all I am new to the forum and wish you all the best.
    I bought my 66 plate diesel 1.6 120 hp blue hdi prestige DS3 two weeks ago.
    On Tuesday the engine developed a rattle, which had yesterday turned into a noise that sounds like a loud tappet or top end cam rattle, (very loud) and smoke pouring out of the exhausts under load. The garage say it is an injector failure, and will replace it when the new one arrives. I know my way around a petrol engine, but not diesels. The noise sounded too metallic to me.
    I love the car, but I am concerned that this has happened after 14,000 miles.
    Any Thoughts?

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    I've not heard of that nor had if happen in my diesels. Hope it goes ok. Let us know what happens.
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      I've got it back now and asked for a readout for my service history.
      I'll tell you what it says.

      One thing for sure, if I can ever get it off the wife I will thrash it, and lets see if anything else is..............................

      "Unusual, but after all, any mechanical part can fail".