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  • Amplified front door speakers

    Hi, I have amplified my front door speakers but my question to every one else who has amplifiers theirs, is have you guys just amplified the standard speakers or like me, have you cut away the back of the speaker housing to fit new 6x5"? Just want to know as I couldn't see any other way of putting the new speakers in!

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    I no that Clairt83 has upgraded front& back speakers + installed sub in boot. check out her build thread in mods & styling for any info.


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      Hi Lawrence

      Didnt get chance to have a proper conversation about the door speakers at fcs, but ive upgraded mine to Vibe Black Air 6" and had to cut out the back of the speaker housing. Have you connected yours to your amp or just swapped them? I just did a straight swap on mine, only the subs are connect to the amp.
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        Thanks for replying I have run extra wires from the amp to the doors only down side is when the keys arnt in and you turn the radio on only the rear speakers turn on but I can live with that.