ds3 won't rev much above 2-3k revs - fault codes

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  • ds3 won't rev much above 2-3k revs - fault codes

    my wife has a ds3 1.6 diesel. the car drives fine but won't rev over a certain amount (so mainly this is an issue for overtaking) on the computer screen it keeps flashing up with something to do with fault , take it to a garage . she has to just click the screen every time to dismiss it. we had a local garage plug it in and ran diagnostics on it. The mechanic was unsure. The service light on the dash is also illiminated. Could the computer be at fault or is one of these codes causing it. The picture attached is the faults. There is also sometimes an issue where we fill the car with ad blue and sometimes it still thinks it requires some more ad blue, but not sure if this is related? any help is much appreciated.

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    DPF issue i think
    Pedal to the metal