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    DS3 PRESTIGE BLUE HDI S/S 1.6D 120 bhp 2016

    I need some help please

    My radio kept going off and on, so I was advised by the Citroen garage that I bought it from, that it needed a computer update ( it has done 24,877 miles ) after parting with £81 and the update being completed, the radio is fine, but now I have icons over icons, no picture of the car when parking, and a clock stuck in Summer time, to name a few things.

    Back it went for another check and apparently it needs a new radio (this controls all the other computer stuff) £1,200. I got in touch with customer services and they said they would reduce the cost by 50%.

    I still can't afford that though, I feel abandoned here.


    All the best to you, and keep safe.

    PS. I reckon the warranty was a bit dodgy too. We've had it since March last year.

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    Surely there must be someone, who can repair or refurbish this part!


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      Firstly I would say to the garage or DS that the part was fine until it received the software upgrade for a known fault ie radio going on and off. Stick to your guns and use their twitter and Facebook accounts.
      If that fails then only other options are to either get it done at the garage, buy a second hand unit from ebay or fit a different radio fitted. However I am still of the opinion it's the garages fault with the upgrade.
      Drive the Car not a Keyboard


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        Beatrice Foucher is apparently the CEO of DS3, I've tried a few e mail addresses to contact her but to no avail. Can anyone help please?
        Stay Safe


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          Sorry no details for Beatrice though she is on twitter. Not posted anything for months. Has the garage not looked at the upgrade to check it was done properly
          Drive the Car not a Keyboard