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  • OBD Won't Connect

    Hi all, I'm (desperately) hoping someone can help.

    My daughter bought a 2015 DS3 1.2 petrol turbo last year. It's now done around 52k miles.

    not long after purchase, the engine light came on and the car went into limp mode. RAC were called out, they couldn't get their diag machine to connect. It was taken to a nearby garage, same thing, wouldn't connect. I've also tried my bluetooth OBD connecter and no surprises, it didn't connect (the LEDs didn't even light up, suggesting no power to it).
    During the many starts/stops being made when trying to get the machines to connect, the MIL light went out on it's own, and performance returned to normal. it's come one, gone off a few times since, same thing each time.
    Another local garage eventually got into the ECU and found no stored codes, but told me that they couldn't connect to all modules (couldn't get into the BCM)

    During this time, she's been talking to the warranty company (or, trying to) and they are worse than useless. ignoring her, or telling her they'll get back to her and not bothering. that is another issue whcih I'll be trying to sort shortly.

    The light came on again recently and I thought I'd try a Creader 3001. by the time it arrived the light had gone back off again, but I plugged it in anyway IT CONNECTED! There was a stored code P0022 (cam timing too advanced).

    the light came on again after that, and now my Creader won't connect.
    I've taken the car to a local garage (they're very good, and I have a great relationship with them) they have a snap-on diag machine which is kept updated, and try as they might, 30 minutes of trying to connect, nothing.
    While it was trying to connect, all manner of dashboard lights were appearing/disappearing (I was told that this can happen during the scanning process).

    So, first of all, has anyone any experince like this?
    ...and, it seems to me that there may (at least) be 2 issues (cam sensor/solenoid and the ECU or wiring ussue)

    What do you guys think?
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    Unfortunately no answer from me. I would copy this to the Facebook group to see if anyone there has an idea
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      Hi Adi.

      I don't have a Facebook account, I'll have to ask my daughter if she can sort that out


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        I’d be looking for another port behind the one you can see. Less common in the DS3, but some people put fake ODB II ports in the factory location to stop the car being stolen
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          Thanks Torrss, I will check this, although the diag machine has managed to connect once.


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            Have you considered changing out the ECU?
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