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  • How To Post Your Photo's

    Start a new post​ and the following screen will appear

    Left click the A button as shown above and the following screen will appear

    Open your photo storage website in a new tab, I'm using Photobucket here, but other hosts such as Flickr work just as well.

    Click the Direct link to copy it to the clipboard and then switch back to the forum and click the image button highlighted in the second forum image above

    Paste your image link in the URL box indicated above and click the OK button to insert the picture

    Your picture will now appear in the post

    If you click the button indicated above, the view will switch to the Source view, here you can see how your image URL is wrapped within the "[IMG][/IMG]" tags. You can carry on adding more pictures using the Image button or by adding the tags yourself

    When you've finished adding images and text press the Post button to add your new thread.

    Happy posting
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    Be warned folks. Photobucjet has just changed it's T&Pc's and wants paying for 3rd party hosting. Some images on the site are now missing. If it's your account and know the pic please try and replace via Flickr or via tapatalk. Here is brief explanation of the Photobucket statement:

    On June 26, the Photobucket blog brieflynoted its updated Terms of Service, which went into effect on June 20. In the three-sentence post, there is no mention of the end of hotlinking unless users pay a $399 annual fee. After clicking to view the new terms, there is a list of three paid account plans, but only the $400 Plus 500 Plan allows for third-party image hosting.
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      From the review of their updated terms and conditions here:

      3. What users are affected by the changes to our 3rd Party Hosting

      Moving forward, new and legacy free account users will NOT have third party
      hosting available.

      If you were a Plus Account subscriber in good standing as of June 1, 2017,
      you will continue to have all the privileges you have enjoyed including 3rd
      Party Hosting until December 31, 2018 as long as you maintain your

      Non Plus 500 Account subscribers that purchased after June 1, 2017 will not
      have access to 3rd Party Hosting.

      I have been on their plus 20 plan ( under $50 a year ) for sometime now as I have so many car pictures uploaded that the free account space of 10Gb wasn't enough therefore my picture links are safe until the end of next year. If they haven't reverted back to more reasonable terms & conditions by then I will move all the pictures I have posted here to another host and replace the links. I'll also be cancelling my plus 20 plan once I've moved all the pictures.
      DS3 Racing, also available in White