Great Newbie Influx

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  • Great Newbie Influx

    To all newcomers - firstly WELCOME! Glad you've found us!
    Secondly, it's like Arkham Asylum here but don't be worry and don't be shy to introduce yourself!!
    Start posts, jump in & get involved!!
    Oh and pictures are always good... we LOVE pictures!
    We're a very sociable bunch as you can see from our meet pics & the amount of meets we have, we're like a family here - we have members of both sexes and of all ages.
    We're not a club of boy or girl racers
    We all have varied interests in anything & everything and our knowledge of cars varies from member to member.
    We have had a big influx of new members recently and though this has so far been a difficult year both Club and personally the future is bright.
    We're all just here to love, appreciate and get out in our gorgeous DS3's. So welcome to the madhouse & just jump in!
    Drive the Car not a Keyboard

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    Great to see so many new members arriving. See the post above. You are all welcome. Don't forget we are also on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and our own YouTube channel with videos from around the world. Welcome and enjoy on whatever media platform you choose. If you know another DS owner then pass on the good vibes
    Drive the Car not a Keyboard